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What is Self-Love?

Self-love means living with intention and not haphazardly: Life with design and purpose means that you are fulfilling your destiny, and you wake up in the morning and you are ready to face the day enthusiastically and with a positive attitude.

That is when you know that you love yourself!

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​I am so blessed to have supportive people in my life. They bring me encouragement when I am feeling down.My mother is

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Healing Yourself After a Trauma

From time to time, we all experience unfortunate events, situations, and traumas. Although traumas might involve physical injuries and damage, they can

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Strategies for Being Your Own Best Friend

Although it might sound a little trite when you're advised to "be your own best friend," the fact is that all your

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Love Guides My Steps

I consciously take on an armor of love at the start of each day. When I think, speak, and act in love,

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Life is Too Short and Precious

Life is too short and precious to live only for others. I am a self-sufficient person. I pay the bills that require

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Helpful Tips for Overcoming a Difficult Childhood

A lot of us had it tough growing up. Sometimes it was because the family didn't have a lot of money and

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