You Are Beautiful!

You Are Beautiful

I face the daily struggle to look in the mirror & smile at what I see looking back. I unfortunately spent too many years with the negative voices about me that I do struggle to put a silence to them. I am learning I am beautiful in my own special way. I have my kids showing me everyday.  

I am learning to look beyond what I think I see. Everyone is beautiful and are meant to be the way they are.  It can be hard to realize it some days more than others. Learn that your beauty lies with in you, not on your surface. It is so easy to confuse your worth these days with size 0 models and T.V. stars and people always telling you whats wrong with you and how you can fix it. 

Make up and treatments plastic surgery, creams and masks and thousands of dollars later you are still unhappy with what you see and then you are in debt because of it all. And after all of this you still look in the mirror feeling ugly thinking the next person is more beautiful than you.  I look at people and I compare my self, my hair, my eyes, my skin, my smile, my body.

I don’t take pictures cause I don’t like how I look in them. I lost my self-worth somewhere and I am finding it again. I am changing the voice to positive I am standing up against the world where so many judge you on the outside and I am learning to look more to my inside and get away from my insecurities.

Emily Dickinson said “Beauty is not caused. It is.”

This is so true even when we have the wonderful qualities we possess; character, intelligence, a heartwarming smile and a wonderful sense of humor, many of us are not content with our looks. If learning to accept our own beauty is challenging, then start with this simple wish; let’s learn to love who we, as we are.

Because You Are Beautiful

Because you’re Beautiful this poem’s addressed to youBecause you’re beautiful no matter what you doBecause you’re beautiful the sun rises every dayBecause you’re beautiful the mist shrouds a dreamy dayBecause you’re beautiful a blossom blooms and holds its scentBecause you’re beautiful songs sung in your heart are meantBecause you’re beautiful reflections shine and glintBecause you’re beautiful poems are writtenHeaven sentBecause you are beautiful this is all that this poem’s saidJust in case you may have any doubtThis poem’s heaven sent to tell you you are beautifulAnd that is what this poem is about.You being beautiful.

Ethan Kingsley

“My first thought was, who am I to teach?”

– Mary Kate McDevitt, Skillshare teacher with 50,000 students


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