Yes You Can!!!

Since I have been working on so much to change lately I have been telling myself Yes You Can! This has become my own mantra to keep me going. It helped this past Saturday for my first 5K. It helps me make some hard decisions the past year.

The newest was to try becoming a stay at home mom, and be able to work from home which includes doing these blogs. I am still learning and I tell my self that yes you can blog twice a day, yes you can give the life you never had for your kids. YES YOU CAN  be happy at what you do. I have been catching on to the blogging however I know there is so much I still need to learn so I can succeed. The hardest part that I have to change is my mindset to it all. I have always looked to the negative so I learned to not be surprised when it failed or I always doubted the results. I would myself an escape by using but or maybe I filled my life with excuses. My biggest change is I removed the words that harm me more than help me.  And I am teaching my kids to do the same, time to break bad habits early versus when they are older!

I know the road ahead will be full of frustration but I know with the support I am surrounded with I know I will. I can lose the weight and get in shape, I will build a successful business, I will give my kids a happy life, I will be happy! The next time some one tries to tell you that you can’t do some thing just look at them and simply say 


“My first thought was, who am I to teach?”

– Mary Kate McDevitt, Skillshare teacher with 50,000 students


I'm a Copywriter in a Digital Agency, I was searching for courses that'll help me broaden my skill set. Before signing up for Rob's.

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