It is Okay for Me to Take Care of Myself First

It is Okay for Me to Take Care of Myself First

By taking care of myself first, I am better able to care for others.

I enjoy taking care of myself. I am able to happily do the things that I know I need to do to make me a better person. By getting the sleep I need, eating healthy foods, exercising, and taking time to relax and meditate, I become a more centered, healthier person. I can offer more to others when I am in full health.

When I allow myself to slip from my healthy routines, or if I overextend myself, I have less to offer others. Because of this I need to make my care my first priority.

Caring for myself first ensures that I have the energy I need to run and play with my children. I am able to happily take the time to curl up with them and read a story before bed time. I am able to rise out of bed in the morning and guide my family into the day ahead of us with a healthy breakfast and energetic morning routines.

I can do all these things and more because I have first taken care of myself.

Today I will eat healthy foods, I will exercise, and I will take time to relax and recharge. I will think positively and I will get the sleep I need. I will take care of myself first, so I am better able to take care of others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • Have I eaten healthy foods today?
  • Have I taken time out for myself to relax and enjoy?
  • Have I gotten the sleep that I need?

About the Author Rick Lewis

Rick Lewis is a disabled Vet with over 20 years of experience as a Sales Trainer, Coach and Mentor. He uses his life experiences and gifts to help others achieve success and wellness in their lives. Life doesn't always turn out the way we envisioned it. Heartbreak, health crisis, family turmoil, and financial troubles occur, leaving its mark on all aspects of our life. Rick is here to help you out of your rut. He will work with you to gain clarity on what it is that you want most in life and make proactive decisions that will bring about the change you’ve been hoping for. His specialties are: Self Love, Inspiration, Motivation, Self Confidence, Grief, Relationships.

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