Stressful Thoughts

Stressful Thoughts

“When one’s thoughts are neither frivolous nor flippant, when one’s thoughts are neither stiff-necked nor stupid, but rather, are harmonious — they habitually render physical calm and deep insight.”

- Hildegarde of Bingen

Is your mind often filled with unwanted thoughts that leave you filled with worry, doubt, or dread? Such thoughts are often the catalysts for stressful emotional and physical responses.

Your thoughts may take the form of SELF-DOUBT; for example, I’ll never be able to do this job right. Or they may be based on INSECURITY: I’m too plain to get a date. Or they may revolve around our FEARS: Look at this airplane’s wing shake; I bet there’s something wrong.

Stopping such thoughts CAN help you eliminate many stressful responses. HOW DO YOU DO SO? First, become AWARE of HOW you think in situations that produce negative thoughts. Imagine a situation in which a stressful thought is likely to occur, such as while you’re sitting in an airplane waiting for takeoff.

As you begin to think stressful thoughts, INTERRUPT them by saying, STOP! to yourself BY snapping your fingers, OR by standing up. THEN replace the stressful thought with a MORE POSITIVE one; for example, This airline has the safest record in the industry. By PRACTICING thought stopping twice a day for a week, you CAN begin to think MORE sensibly AND less stressfully.

“Today, I’ll believe in MIND OVER MATTER. I’ll substitute a POSITIVE, RELAXING statement for ANY negative, stressful thought I have.”

- Amy Dean

Sometimes it’s not easy to have a positive mindset, but in order to make it through EVERY day, it is really important to think positively cuz this will make you feel good also. I have noticed that every time that I turn a negative situation INTO a positive situation, it’s more worth my time cuz it helps me to get through my day and I also end up feeling good about my day.

Whenever I come across someone who has such a negative attitude, sometimes it’s hard not to fall into their pit, but what keeps me out of that situation is that I tell myself, “Is it worth it to waste my time and energy on something negative OR do I want to have a BETTER day AND make it more positive?!” I ALWAYS choose to make it better! 🙂

I sometimes will sing to myself to get me out of the negative mindset and it helps me. 😊 WHATEVER you can do to make it mind stay POSITIVE, do it! You will feel good about yourself AND your day. It’s worth ending your day with such positive vibes!

About the Author Jessica Wozniak

On Nov. 1st, 2005, I had married my first husband and in 2005, I had become a mother to my daughter...She was born two days after my 28th birthday. Then in 2008, I had my son. My marriage wasnt a healthy one and it ended in Oct. 2013. I had met my current husband in 2009...We had worked together at McDonald's, but it wasnt until May 2012 when we started dating. On May 2016, we had bought a house and I had remarried in Sept. 2016 to my current husband, Wozzy. Emily and Duane get treated so well by their stepfather, Wozzy. He does a great job at showing them his unconditional love for both of them. To keep this long story short....Both kids are doing well in school, they love being in Volleyball (Emily) and Basketball (Duane). They do see their biological dad when he's able to spend time with them. Wozzy and I do the best we can to give them a really good life!