I Trust Myself to Make Smart Decisions

I Trust Myself to Make Smart Choices

I consistently make smart decisions. I use my wisdom and experience to choose the best paths for my life. I know when to seek advice from others and when to trust my own judgment.Each decision I make is weighed carefully, but I avoid the procrastination and over thinking that can hurt the process. I trust my mind’s ability to make decisions. I eliminate the need for others’ approval from my decision making process. Instead, I trust my intuition to guide me. I know I have the skills and talents to handle my own life. My choices may differ from those of my loved ones and friends. This is normal and healthy. We are unique individuals, so the choices we make are different. I ignore shame and guilt during the decision process. Instead, I focus on positive aspects and let my inner spirit take over. I accept responsibility for the outcome of my decisions. I have the necessary qualifications to make my own choices. I avoid doubt as I make a choice. I understand there are multiple options, but I am confident that I can choose wisely. My opinions are valid and matter. They help formulate my choices, so I pay attention to them. Today, I trust my ability to make good choices. I focus on my strengths and experience, so my decisions are beneficial. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • How can I make the decision process easier?
  • What can I do to avoid doubt as I make a choice?
  • How can I balance getting advice and using my own intuition to make a choice?

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