Self-Improvement Advice: Meditation


There are certain moments in life that happen that when you wish, hope, dream that you could depend on anybody’s self improvement advice. But even if they gave it to you with the best intentions, in case anything goes wrong, you are always going to blame those persons.

That is why specialists strongly advise you when you find yourself at a crossroads in your life to always take make decisions by yourself.

The biggest question arising is: How can we know how to take make and which will be the best solution?

It does not  matter how young or old you are, you will have come to a point in your life where you have to make a big decision, which could possibly affect your entire existence.

There is no doubt that there will be certain moments in life that you will feel helpless and disoriented and believe that you could use some self improvement advice in order to help figure out how to proceed with your life. How to address the change.

The answer is never going to be simple. However, there is one self improvement advice that can be of great help and practiced regularly where ever you are and will have great results.

It is called meditation and it has been used for centuries in certain rituals and by ancients civilizations. Even in old and famous books like the Bible the people are invited to meditate to find the ability  to discover and fight the evil in us and by using this knowledge to gain control over our decisions and our lives.

How do you proceed when you are meditating?

First of all, you need to be away from any source of distraction this a big point specially if you are new to this and can still be distracted easily. You cannot analyze your deepest feelings and thoughts and watch a movie at the same time.

Secondly, you need to ask yourself a series of questions that will help you to better determine who you really are. The questions should relate to everyday aspects.

  • What do you like doing?
  • What made you most proud of yourself during your entire life?
  • What is it that you always wanted to do and you never found the time?
  • What role does money play in your life?
  • What is it more important for you, you family life or your career?
  • How much do you depend on others?

If you are worried about a certain decision try and let all the questions be directly related to that issue. If you are just confused when asking the questions, think about the common topics that one has to deal with during his life.

Do not forget to write down the answers. Try to concentrate and to be sincere. After all, nobody will judge you.

All these questions will help you determine exactly where you stand and what is it that you want from life. All you have to do is to get the right interpretation of your own replies.

In order to do that, help yourself to a coup of tea or your favorite coffee and take the time to analyze them thoroughly. Mark with a red pen whatever you find pride worthy answers and with a black one the things that do not make you proud.

Post the list somewhere where you can see it more than once a day, or post it in more than one place.

You will notice that, step by step, even unwillingly, the black things on your list will start turning red. Do not forget to renew the list when most of it has turned red! It is the best way to always be aware what your expectations from life are.

Take this simple self improvement advice and see the positive results for yourself. This is something I have been practicing more regularly and when I miss a day I can tell. I feel all my stress build up in side of me. No one faces the same difficult situations and no one can tell you how to help you better than yourself. Find the peace with in your self and you will have the strength to face any situation.

“My first thought was, who am I to teach?”

– Mary Kate McDevitt, Skillshare teacher with 50,000 students


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