The Foundation of Blissful Living is Self Acceptance

The Foundation of Blissful Living is Self Acceptance

Quiet moments give me an opportunity to consider my value. I spend time each day acknowledging the wonderful things about me. Ongoing self-acceptance is the key to blissful living.Life is filled with situations that cause me to question my worth. Although these situations are sometimes discouraging, I remain focused on how well I handle them.I realize that life is less about what happens to me and more about how I apply my talents to fix the matter. I refrain from blaming myself for things that happen when external factors are at fault. When I stop to consider my successes, I am reminded of how capable I am. I avoid allowing a few unfortunate circumstances to dampen my spirit and self-esteem.I am happier when I accept my flaws. My imperfections are what make me unique. I celebrate the fact that I am the only person on Earth who is just like me. Highlighting my differences gives me confidence and encourages self-love.Although I desire to be better off financially, I am thankful for what I currently have. I am more fortunate than many others and I remind myself of that regularly.Today, I believe that achieving ongoing self-acceptance is a worthwhile feat. I am courageous about defending who I am. I know that my appearance and abilities make me a unique contributor to life on Earth.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • In which areas of my life could I strengthen my self-confidence?
  • How do I feel when I realize that someone has a hard time accepting me?
  • Which practices do I carry out to ensure continued blissful living?

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