Rediscover Your Inspiration

Some days, or even weeks, or months, you may feel as if you have lost your focus. You mindlessly meander through the day. You may have lost your motivation to participate in your favorite activities. Your inspiration is waning.Now is the time to rediscover your inspiration. Reignite the passion in your gut. Clear your mind and start fresh.

Wake up Early

Hitting the snooze button may be tempting, but getting up a little early goes a long way in finding inspiration. Dedicating 30 minutes to yourself each morning allows you to focus on you. Imagine your house in the morning. Everyone is still sleeping. The sun hasn’t even begun to rise. The only sound is birds chirping “good morning” to you.Use the time to meditate, journal, workout, or enjoy the aroma of your coffee. When you slow down and listen to your breathing and surroundings, your mind has an opportunity to dream.


Creativity requires and creates inspiration. It is a continuous cycle. Get out of your head and into the head of an author. Reading fiction provides a portal to escape. Let the author’s words envelop you in a warm embrace. Picture the characters and landscapes. What would you ask the main character if you had the opportunity to meet them? What is your favorite character’s motivation to carry on in the face of adversity?If fiction is not your cup of tea, don’t worry. Reading the newspaper or a how-to guide still challenges your mind by providing new information to process. A biography of an entrepreneur or philanthropist may contain one simple quote that inspires you.


“But I’m not a writer.” Yes, you are. In the story of your life, you are the top authority. For this reason, you are the best person to write about your day and thoughts.Journaling should not be stressful. The exercise is designed to help you reflect and find yourself.Treat yourself to a quality pen in a color that speaks to you. Journaling can be completed in a simple spiral notebook or elaborate leather-bound journal. If you need help getting started, look for a journal that contains daily writing prompts.

Look to Others

The rise and popularity of social media have made the process of finding inspirational stories so easy. A quick search of #motivational quotes on Instagram produces 23 million results. Look at the pictures that pique your interest and the words that speak to your heart.TED Talks offer a brief foray into the experiences, wisdom, and thoughts of others. Watch, or listen, to tales of motivation and perseverance. Allow yourself to connect to the speaker and be inspired.

Go Outside

Being outdoors provides an energy boost for your brain as well as Vitamin D in its natural state.Eat lunch outdoors, or take a walk around the block. Even better, spend a long weekend at your favorite beach or campsite. Focus on the moment. Let the beauty of Earth inspire you.Don’t let winter weather derail your outdoor journey; bundle up and build a snowman. Have fun and smile. Today is the day to rediscover your inspiration.

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