The Little Things in Life Often Excite Me the Most

The Little Things in Life Often Excite Me the Most

Great accomplishments are rewarding. I find joy in the stepping stones between those triumphs. Small wins motivate me, and I discover inspiration in places that others overlook.With a busy schedule, my pockets of free time are sometimes scarce. Short periods of relaxation are pleasurable. I remember how exciting recess was as a child, and look forward to breaks in the workday the same way.Eating a delicious meal, enjoying good coffee, and watching the sunset are fragments of a fulfilling day. Taking my dog for a walk rewards us both.Realizing joy in the ordinary events of my day elevates my optimism. I am always looking forward to the next moment because I know that each event contains its own reward. I see positive elements in every task. Sometimes, the most exciting part of my day is experiencing the reactions of others. When I make someone smile, it feels like a great achievement. Contributing to the happiness of others is very satisfying.My excitement is contagious. Co-workers are influenced by my positive attitude, and my friends enjoy my upbeat perspective. Today, I seek new ways to share my excitement about life with others. I hope that my attitude can brighten the day of someone I know. 

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • What have I done today to elevate the mood of those around me?
  • Which free time activities are the most satisfying to me?
  • Why is optimism important in my life?

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