Life Is Powered by You

You got a dream, an idea, you gotta take responsibility to make it happen. Your dream, your life, going to the next level will be powered by you. Don’t put your destiny in anyone else’s hands. No one is going to care more about your dream than you. Nobody is going to work on your stuff more than you.

That’s true. However, the other point in this video may be even more important. You have to share your dream with others. I often fall into the trap of not discussing my goals with others. It’s so easy to say that everyone has their own issues and that no one wants to hear about my wild and crazy ideas but that’s just a defense mechanism that is slowing down progress.

Les Brown says, “if you have been running into a wall – it doesn’t mean that you can’t get through. It means that you are to find someone who is on the other side or find someone who knows someone on the other side.”