I Strive to Look My Best Each Day

I Strive to Look My Best

Even though I know that “It’s what’s inside that counts,” I find that looking my best brings me many benefits, both personally and professionally. I also have more confidence in myself when I look my best.Looking my best makes me more productive at work. I strive to succeed, and I dress for success.In my personal life, looking my best generates positive feelings from my friends and family.I know that eating healthy and getting the proper amount of exercise allows me to look my best. I ensure that I eat lots of fruits and vegetables at mealtime, and I make the time to exercise to keep up my strength and remain healthy.When I look my best, I feel great and that gives me the energy and confidence to go through my daily routines with a positive attitude.My life is happier when I look my best each day.Today, I always take the time to look my best. The positivity I generate by this one simple action carries me through the day with wondrous results. Who would have ever guessed that the way one looks could make so much difference?

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • How can I work time for exercise into my schedule?
  • What are some ways that I can ensure I have a professional appearance for my work?
  • How can I remember to eat nutritiously, especially when I’m not eating at home?