I Keep Promises That I Make to Myself

I Keep Promises That I Make to Myself

How I treat myself is an indicator of how I handle relationships with others. Giving myself the same treatment that I give to my loved ones is important to my self-worth.My daily promise is to be kind to myself. Even when I make a silly mistake, I refrain from calling myself unkind names.It is important for me to love the reflection that I see in the mirror. Doing this keeps me inspired. I tell myself that regardless of the situation, I believe in my ability to overcome. Constant self-belief keeps me from giving up.One of my biggest promises is to make time for relaxation. Although work comes my way consistently, I only do what I am able to do in a given day.A complete day involves stepping back from the work routine and unwinding. I promise to get pampered or treat myself to a nice dinner each day. It puts a smile on my face to experience the goodness that I show to others.Achieving financial discipline is a challenge for me, but it is an important endeavor. Giving up on achieving it is hardly an option.I tell myself each day that my spending habits determine my ability to hit that target. Then I promise myself to maintain a healthy relationship with money.Today, taking care of myself gives me the ability to take care of others. I treat myself with goodness and honesty because I deserve it. My promise is to remember that.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • What do I promise myself at the end of each day?
  • Which promises to myself do I break?
  • How do I react when someone doesn’t do what they say?

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