Affirmation – I am worthy

I am Worthy

I am worthy, lovable, and complete.Today and each day, I have confidence in myself. I am thankful for all of the gifts I have to offer the world and all those that are offered to me. I trust in my own value and I know that I am worthy, lovable, and complete.

My value is intrinsic to who I am. I am unique in this world, and I am glad of that! Regardless of my circumstances or actions, I am worthy of love and blessings. And I receive them in abundance.

I am sure to take good care of myself. This is the primary way in which I reinforce that I am lovable. I can only expect others to be as good to me as I am to myself, since I set the example for this behavior. I know that I am lovable, therefore I love myself. And others treat me in kind.

Also, I know that I have all the resources I need to do whatever is put before me. Regardless of the challenges I face, I know that I am complete. I was made the way I am for a specific purpose: my life. Therefore, I trust that I have the tools to address any situation that may arise.

Today, I make time to treat myself with love and caring. I am thankful that I know I am worth my very best. I seek out opportunities to remind myself that I am worthy, lovable, and complete, and I see others treat me the same way.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • How can I show myself love today?
  • What are some things I do really well? How can I be most kind to myself when I make mistakes?
  • How can I reinforce my own worth and completeness?

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