I am Able to Do Whatever I Put My Mind To

I am Able to Do Whatever I Put My Mind To

I am my greatest supporter because I know that I am capable. I am certain that whatever I put my mind to is achievable because of my natural abilities.Overcoming physical issues sometimes takes me on a long and trying road. Although my body may take a while to heal, I avoid giving up on it. I endure the difficult times as I return to a state of good health.Distractions rarely prevent me from getting my work done. As soon as I sense myself being sidetracked, I consciously reestablish my focus.I am able to pay attention to what is in front of me because I remain conscious of my goals. Reminding myself of what I have set out to achieve is enough to keep me diligent. I am creative in my approach to learning something new. Instead of assuming only one solution, I search for alternatives. It is rewarding when I put my mind to achieving something that seems unattainable.Breaking things down into smaller parts helps me to tackle overwhelming things. My mind achieves great things when I narrow down my target area.Today, I believe that I am a force of greatness. My abilities are unlimited because I believe in myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • How do I restore confidence when I am faced with a challenge that I am unable to solve?
  • How do I prepare myself for unfamiliar territory?
  • What are some of the exercises I do to maintain mental fortitude?

“My first thought was, who am I to teach?”

– Mary Kate McDevitt, Skillshare teacher with 50,000 students


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