Be Your Own Cheerleader

Be Your Own Cheerleader

I am getting more positive and I am learning how important it is to be your own cheerleader. There will not always be someone there to support you. The time I find more important is when I am running. It is so easy to give up or get distracted.  We are all vulnerable to fear, insecurity, when we do something like pull out our running gear or work out gear, or try to learn something new.

So as you go to bake or to go for a run talk back to those negative voices. Don’t say to anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to anyone else. You would tell someone “You are doing horrible” or “Your not going to make it!”  So then don’t say it to your self either!


1) If you are feeling over whelmed by either the distance or the amount of work you have left to do here is a easy tip…


Set mini goals to get through it. Like if you are doing a race tell yourself “I will make it to that sign” and when you get to that sign set the next goal of maybe another sign down the road or a tree. As you hit your goals you will feel excitement. I love to bake and if I break down what I need to do I don’t stress as much and it will all seem much doable.

2) If you’re feeling tired just slow down! If your running ease back and take your time. Just relax as you go. You can do a body scan to make sure your not hurting your self.  When I bake and I get tired and I just pace myself so I don’t freak out lol. I space what needs to be done so I don’t look at it and get discouraged.

3) Don’t get discouraged, keep a log of what ever you are doing. It will help keep you motivated when you start to feel discouraged. You will hit bumps in the road you just need to hit it head on. You will push through it and be stronger on the other side.

4) When I was running it was hard to stay positive when I was passed although I knew I was not the fastest by far. However I got frustrated going “Am I that bad?” I knew I wasn’t but in that moment I wasn’t focused on that. When I bake and I think someone did better it is very hard but I have learned to ask for tips and I improve daily.

I drew strength from my sister in my race and I draw strength from other bakers. It is awesome to have an awesome support for your goals and you life. Just remember you will always need to be your #1 Cheerleader!!!

You need to learn to be your own cheerleader before you can expect someone else can!

“My first thought was, who am I to teach?”

– Mary Kate McDevitt, Skillshare teacher with 50,000 students


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