I am grateful that I have never had to face this issue. So many great people serve to defend our country. They willing sacrifice to protect our rights in this time where senseless crimes are committed. Men and women leave their families for long periods of time missing the births of their children, the first steps, first words, the loss of loved ones. The ones they leave behind worry day in and day out praying for protection over the one they loved serving. They dream about that surprise of having their loved one show up and be home safe. That’s all they can do is dream about it and not much can ease the worry not until they are home safe and in the arms of the ones that love them. I saw this video and seriously cried luckily I was at home when I did.

I watched this video and I cried to see how happy the kids are to see their dad after a year deployment. You can call or email, or even Skype but being able to wrap your arms around them and know they are there and safe not caring for how long. We are grateful for all you do! This is the Best Surprise Present!