Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Recently I have been practicing meditation more and more. I tried it before to help release stress but would always lose interest or just push it off. I have been loving the way I feel during and after I do it. My mind seems more clear and I learning to quiet my mind so I can make sense of it all most of the time. There are a lot of benefits of  meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

1) Be More Productive:

Meditation sharpens your mind and when you practice regularly it will help you get things done more efficiently than before. This is not just a mental process. With meditation you can actually help re-train your brain structure and make your brain more efficient.

2) Increase Happiness:

It is believed that with regular meditation you will allow yourself to experience a physical change in your structure in your brain allowing yourself to experience happiness and compassion on a whole new level.

3)Enhance Creativity:

Meditating will make it easier to let go of all the  preconceived notions about things. Then in their place  you begin to see things as they actually are.  This open state of mind will also makes it easier to consider new thoughts and ideas that you might normally reject, and creates an mindset where creativity can flourish.

4) Better Focus and Mental Clarity:

Meditation will help calm your brain and as you practice more you will learn to quiet the random thoughts that are often referred to as the monkey mind. When these unnecessary thoughts are no longer running through your mind continuously, you will then  be better able to focus on your tasks at hand, and then you will be able to maintain this mental clarity over longer periods of time.

5) Spiritual Development:

Meditation’s roots are in spiritual development and over the past several thousand years it has been shown to be the most effective tool for spiritual development. With time and regular practice, meditation will enable you to make great progress on your own spiritual path.

6) Better your Relationships:

With regular meditation practice it will help you become more aware and present in your life. You’ll be more aware of what is going on internally, and with all the people that are around you. This will help you to avoid stumbling into the patterns that can and will end up hurting your relationships.

7) Reduce Stress:

Meditation will help you reduce stressful feelings in two ways. First, it will help you relax, and as up relax you will naturally release all those stressful feelings. Secondly, it will help by making you more aware of yourself and of your environment, then you will become more aware of all the triggers that can generate stress. Then you can will be making conscious decisions, you can reduce the chance of those stressful feelings accumulating in the beginning.

8) Learn to Control your Energy Level:

Meditation helps you recharge your mind and discover the connection between your mind and body. When you are aware of this connection and what is happening with your body, you can also begin to control the way that your body responds to certain situations. Need to increase energy, no problem, you can do that. Need to calm down? You can do that too.

9) Learn to Control Your Thoughts:

Meditation will help clear your mind of all the flood of random thoughts that will usually dominate it. This will leave your mind clear and focused so that you can concentrate on all the things that you want or need to concentrate on, not all the random distractions.

10) Sense of Well-Being:

One of the first results of meditation, which will really draw people in and encourage them to continue practicing, is the sense of well-being you get. As your practice continues, this will deepen this feeling and it will last longer. Eventually, this will become your standard state of mind.

I hope that the more I practice it will help me in my life in all areas including succeeding on my new adventure in my life and my new business.


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