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Comforting Moments Do a World of Good in My Life

​I am so blessed to have supportive people in my life. They bring me encouragement when I am feeling down.My mother is an integral part of my foundation. She inspires me because of her strength and fearlessness.


Love Guides My Steps

I consciously take on an armor of love at the start of each day. When I think, speak, and act in love, life is more beautiful.Relationships with friends are rewarding because I focus on maintaining a positive


Life is Too Short and Precious

Life is too short and precious to live only for others. I am a self-sufficient person. I pay the bills that require paying, I keep my priorities close to my heart, and I keep a nice home that I am proud


Life is beautiful and exciting

Life is overflowing with beauty. I see it in the smiling face of a small child, the smell of the rain, the movement of the wind over my skin, and the color of the setting sun. The beauty I need is all


Affirmation – I am worthy

I am worthy, lovable, and complete. Today and each day, I have confidence in myself. I am thankful for all of the gifts I have to offer the world and all those that are offered to me. I trust in my own