I Can Do This

I Can Do This

​When I need a boost, I give myself a simple and uplifting message. I can adapt to change. I have the flexibility to apply my knowledge and talents in different ways. I am open to trying new approaches and learning additional skills. Change helps me to grow.I can achieve big things. I set ambitious goals …

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I Appreciate Myself

Appreciating myself

When I count my friends, I put myself on the top of the list.Valuing myself gives me motivation. I want to set ambitious goals and strive to reach them. I believe that I am worth the time and effort. I deserve the success that I work for.Appreciating myself helps me through difficult times. I treat …

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Love Guides My Steps

Love Guides My Steps

I consciously take on an armor of love at the start of each day. When I think, speak, and act in love, life is more beautiful.Relationships with friends are rewarding because I focus on maintaining a positive mindset. I go into interactions by first reminding myself what I love about my friends.My healthy views of …

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I Belong Here

I Belong Here

​I am where I need to be. I have the courage to be vulnerable and authentic.I am surrounded by supportive family and friends. I turn to them when I need comfort or congratulations. They give me practical assistance and constructive feedback. We challenge each other to keep learning and growing.I perform meaningful work. I find …

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Today and Each Day I Love My Life

I Love My Life

​My life is wonderful! I am surrounded by joy and blessed abundantly. And I make a point of regularly participating in activities that bring me satisfaction and growth. Today and each day, I love my life!Love can be seen as an emotion. I definitely experience my life with an abundance of this feeling. After all, …

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