Affirmations – I Choose to Stand on My Own

My Strength Multiplies When I Choose to Stand on My Own

There is power in numbers because support from others provides courage. But there is greater strength when I choose to be independent and realize my own power.Although I value the support of my friends and family, I recognize that leaning too much on them results in dependency. I like being able to fend for myself.I know that I am strong and valuable.Relying on my own mind to make decisions causes me to think outside the box. I am creative when I choose to think for myself. I keep an open mind to new ideas that can benefit my endeavors.At work I come up with my own creative ideas before group brainstorming sessions. Although working with a team produces a wider range of ideas, I like to be ready with my own first. This approach keeps my mind active and results-oriented.Having the comfort of a stable job with little pressure leads to complacency. Although I like predictability, I prefer to push my boundaries and experience the unknown.A new norm develops in my life each time I conquer a new experience.Today, being strong means learning how to stand on my own two feet. It is a good feeling to have supportive cushions to fall back on, but I prefer to challenge myself first. Knowing what I am capable of is a victory in itself.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • How do I know when it is time to ask my support system for guidance?
  • How do I strengthen my resolve?
  • What are some ventures that I am interested in taking on alone?