I Believe in My Own Power

Affirmations – I Believe in My Own Power

I have tremendous power inside of me. I can use this power to help myself and others, and change my world for the better. I have awesome plans for a bright future, and I am confident that I can bring these plans to fruition.

I have the power to improve myself.

In fact, if I want to, I am capable of making a complete transformation. I strengthen my skills, expand my talents, and begin new, positive habits that support my efforts to achieve my goals.

I study and learn new things. I cherish new experiences that expand my mind. I travel to new places and meet different people to grow as a person. I am open to new perceptions, ideas, and beliefs.

I have the power to change my circumstances.

My inner strength helps me overcome obstacles and continue on a path toward my goals. I work hard and earn more. I attract abundance with my power.

I have the power to help those who need me.

I stand up for others and help them be heard. I fight injustice and evil. I do battle with those who harm others. I stand against greed and cruelty. I fight the wicked and corrupt.

Today, I know that I have the power to transform my life and that of those around me. I call upon this inner strength to take action each day to make our world a more pleasant place to live.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  • How can I control my power?
  • What can I do to increase my inner power?
  • Is it possible to have too much power?

About the Author Rick Lewis

Rick Lewis is a disabled Vet with over 20 years of experience as a Sales Trainer, Coach and Mentor. He uses his life experiences and gifts to help others achieve success and wellness in their lives. Life doesn't always turn out the way we envisioned it. Heartbreak, health crisis, family turmoil, and financial troubles occur, leaving its mark on all aspects of our life. Rick is here to help you out of your rut. He will work with you to gain clarity on what it is that you want most in life and make proactive decisions that will bring about the change you’ve been hoping for. His specialties are: Self Love, Inspiration, Motivation, Self Confidence, Grief, Relationships.

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